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Welcome to Cali-Strength, where we use calisthenics to strengthen the body and mind.

Hi! I'm Mikey and I started my calisthenics and handstand journey in 2015. I had no experience but decided I wanted to make a change to my lifestyle that had become sedentary which was showing in my physique, impacting my confidence and mental well being. 


The reason I was initially drawn to calisthenics was the satisfaction gained from achieving skills and exercises that once felt impossible. It's intrinsically goal oriented, working towards a skill or exercise rather than trying to add 5kg to your lifts each week without an overarching goal. For example getting your first pull-up, maybe a handstand or muscle-up. Without noticing your physique, posture and general physical well-being all naturally improve. But much more than just the physical, it builds discipline and confidence.

As I grew in experience I started to see the benefits of including weighted exercises and a secondary passion for the barbell and other weighted lifts grew. After several years my training philosophy is: the right training tool, for the right person, at the right time! Whatever will work best for you given your circumstances and goals is what we'll do. 

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