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Is online coaching for me?

In 2020 our use of the internet to help us carry out tasks that had until then been more commonly carried out in person increased dramatically, for obvious reasons. While internet shopping was nothing new, the situation we all found ourselves in inevitably led to us relying on on-line shopping platforms more and more. Similarly, while video conferencing was not a new concept, the need to stay out of large groups led to work meetings and social occasions alike shifting to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meetings. And of-course, gyms were closed, personal trainers unable to meet with their clients in-person, so a move on-line was also necessitated in the health and fitness arena.

Now 2020 was a particularly rare set of circumstances, so when those circumstances abated and we were able to return to in-person PT sessions and live ‘in the flesh’ classes one could have expected a gradual market shift away from online, but no…In the period covering 2021 to 2027 the on-line fitness industry is due to grow by just over 35% each year globally from $0.7 billion, to $4.5 billion (The Express Wire, December 2022). Covid or no covid, the trend of working out using some kind of online service or platform shows no signs of slowing, and for good reasons which we’ll go over in more detail below. First lets quickly define the two more common types of online coaching.

1. Distance Coaching – You have the same consultation and bespoke goal setting/needs analysis process that you would receive from a traditional personal training service. From this point you receive your own bespoke workout plan to complete in your own time. Each session you record footage of yours

elf completing key parts of your workout and submit this video footage to your coach along with any written notes you think relevant (this is often neatly packaged within an app of some kind). Your coach can then provide feedback on your submitted footage and notes with any form adjustments/advice. They will also use this to continue writing your programming into the future weeks depending on your own level of progress and needs that may arise as you continue your training.

2. Live Online PT – This is much the same as an ‘in real life’ personal training session however your trainer is with you via video link rather than in-person.

So, what are some of the best reasons to receive your coaching on-line rather than in-person?

  • If you have a busy schedule, it may be hard to fit yours in with that of your chosen PT/Coach. Good coaches that get results for their clients are highly sought after, and most people want to see them in the slots they have before or after work, which there are only so many of. In the distance coaching model, you’re both freed up to train and give feedback, respectively, as and when you can.

  • Often you can’t find a coach locally that specialises in what you want to train. If you decide to source your coaching online, you have a much wider potential pool of coaching talent to draw on i.e. anywhere in the world (as long as you speak the same language).

  • If you have a limited budget to spend on coaching distance online coaching is usually a much more cost effective than in person sessions – for some the benefit of this cost effectiveness out ways the benefits of a higher cost in-person service.

  • If you simply lack knowledge of how to programme for yourself to reach a specific goal but are confident with your execution of basic exercises then live, on the fly coaching is less relevant to you. You simply need someone to define and set you on the path rather than someone to walk it with you at every step.

So, to summarize the main benefits of the two main forms of online coaching are:

1. Distance Online Coaching

  • Bespoke programming and feedback that pivots to meet your specific needs as and when they arise.

  • Good balance between cost and receiving a bespoke service.

  • Workout whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

  • Wider pool of coaches than just

your local area.

2. Live Online PT

  • Bespoke programming and feedback that pivots to meet your specific needs as and when they arise.

  • High contact time leads t

o in depth coach knowledge of all of your traits (physical, psychological, personal etc.) leading to the likely the best programming in the long term.

  • Immediate fixes for technical issues, live, in-session. This is great for technique heavy work like handstands

and muscle-up etc.

  • For certain personality types, direct 3rd party motivation during the session is useful.

If you’re interested in learning more about online coaching from Cali-Strength click HERE. Leave us some details about your goals whether it be unlocking the muscle-up, handstand or even your first pull-up and we’ll get back to you asap.

Happy Training!


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